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I’ve gone MAC and I’m not going back

I’ve had an IPhone for some time and swear it’s the best phone I’ve ever had which eventually lead me down a new path. A couple months ago I was using my HP Windows Vista Dual Core processor with 2 gigs of ram PC at home and life was good. The next evening I turn my PC on and I get a Microsoft error message saying that my copy of Windows Vista was unauthorized. WTF you say? Those were my thoughts exactly. (At least it was a change from the Microsoft blue screen of death.)

Apple IMac

So I call the evil empire help desk. Too bad dude your copy of Windows Vista is out of warranty but you can pay us big bucks to try to talk you through it on the phone. I don’t think so Darth. Other wise you can go to a Micrsoft users help blog. Here try to copy this URL down. I don’t think so Darth.

Anyhow I was so mad the next morning I take my happy ass down the Apple store in Montgomery Mall. Did you know they don’t even have check out counters in a Apple store? It’s like when you turn in a rental car. They have those same scanners and scan your purchase where you are standing, swipe your credit card and print your receipt on the spot. But I digress.

So I buy an IMac just to stick it to the man. The new really cool brushed aluminum ones with a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. Needless to say for all you MAC users out there my relationship with my MAC is completely different than what I had with my PC.  Come to think of it I didn’t have a relationship with my PC. Now I kind of feel about my IMac the way I feel about my Trek 1500 road bike; I love it.  It’s like that movie a few years ago where everything was in black and white. Then people started seeing in color.

Even the visualizer in ITunes is much more vibrant than my Windows Vista PC.  I’m computing and surfing the web in color now and won’t be going back to black and white. I didn’t notice or appreciate the differences immediately but now that I’ve been using a MAC for some time now I can’t believe anybody actually puts up with Microsoft’s operating systems. We’ll that’s your problem, I’ve got a IMac.  Anybody need copies of Microsoft software?

Hey maybe Apple will see my blog and ask me to do a commercial for them?


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  1. you said everything… the difference is like a people that lived all lifetime seeing in B&W and started see in color… the experience is totally different. and i started to create more… the people says.

    Once U go, U never go back!

    Comment by Nailson Martins | June 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. can u buy me an imac? haha

    Comment by anonymous | June 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. I often find myself envious of MAC users like you because your battery life is faaaaar superior than my Sony VAIO. Probably worth the extra $200.

    Comment by Major Man | June 23, 2008 | Reply

  4. My IMac is a desktop.

    My laptop in class is and HP 😦 My next laptop will be a Mac. Maybe this one will fall off the tiny desk in the ICC…..

    Comment by mknac | June 23, 2008 | Reply

  5. Mac eh? I know I need one but the monies are not so forth coming. Hoping to save up. I heard it is like your right hand and PC’s are like the left foot. Ha, Ha.

    Comment by kwesley | June 26, 2008 | Reply

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