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I’m a Wikipedia contributor; I think

I’ve made a contribution to Wikipedia.  I wrote an article about the book “Naked Conversations” by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.

Naked Conversations Wikipedia Page

Now I need your help For some unknown reason Wikipedia has posted my article for “Speedy Deletion” for notability reasons… I’m appalled.  So please go to wikipedia article for “Naked Conversations” and go to discussion page and argue for keeping this wikipedia page for this insightful book on business communications in the age of the blogosphere!  Don’t let my first post to wikipedia get shot down in flames, that would be a shame; to be shot down in flames.

Thanks for you help!!!

I must admit that even after reading all the Wikipedia help pages about posting etc I found it to be a very confusing process to create and post to Wikipedia.  I eventually, after much frustration, on a slow wifi connection, finished the post.  Perhaps posting to wikipedia is one of those things where you get better the more you do it.





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  1. Haha don’t worry you will get there! It takes a bit of getting used to. As for your article you created I had a look and there was some guy that said you needed secondary references about the book to make sure its notable?

    Anyway I am sure it will work out. Dont let this get you upset about wikipedia though. Wikipedia gets a lot of articles created (thousands a day) and there are many people that try to sift through all of them to make sure that whatever is added is “notable” whatever that happens to mean!


    Comment by pKay | July 2, 2008 | Reply

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