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Converted Cyclist

I recently read Stephanies’ blog post I Love Spinning on her blog Stephanie’s Thoughts. First I think its great that Stephanie is a certified cycle instructor and that she’s involved in not only doing something she likes and that is healthy exercise but she is also introducing other people to healthy activities!

Having never taken an indoor cycle or Spinning class I have to try to convince Stephanie to try outdoor cycling. I personally re-discovered cycling about two years ago. I was tired of going to the gym and running on a tread mill or elliptical machine and decided to try road cycling. My first step was to buy a bike.

I eventually settled on a Trek 1500 road bike, which is a high-end, entry level road bike. Trek makes phenomenal bikes and if you’re considering buying a bike I highly recommend Trek.

My Trek 1500 road bike

My Trek 1500 road bike

When I say re-discovered biking I mean it. It must have been 15 years since I had been on my old mountain bike. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy riding my road bike.

The sun, the wind, other bikers, watching the black ribbon and scenery go by as your gobble up the road. It’s great! You’ll even see tangible results as your bicycle handing skills increase and your physical abilities increase. When I first started I thought 5-6 miles was a long ride. Lol Now I regularly ride 25-mile routes. That’s more a limit of the routes I ride rather than my level of fitness. Plus there is all the cool stuff you need; Oakley Radar Path sunglasses, Garmin Edge cycle gps, Road ID, gloves, jerseys the list goes on. OK you don’t need all that stuff, boys like their toys as the saying goes. All you need is a bike, helmet and the will to have fun.

Riding indoors is like running on a treadmill; going nowhere fast. Never to enjoy the rush of a downhill or to suffer on a climb! Don’t you yearn to ride free and feel the air as you cut a line through a turn?

I’ve even become a fan of pro cycling and follow the Tour De France like I follow the Ravens. I used to think watching the Tour was about as exciting as baseball, more boring than watching grass grow. Once you get to know the teams, riders, terms, roles, jerseys and strategies the Tour De France is truly one of the greatest sporting events of the year. This is a true team sport but allows for individual excellence within the team and the Tour at the same time. This time of year I can’t wait to get home and watch the morning’s stage on Vs in the evening.  Note to Vs, hey lets broadcast in HD next year!!!

So Stephanie, go outside and cylce and you won’t want to come back inside. You’ll discover a whole community of bikers in the DC area.

Here are some DC bicycle links:

Washington Area Bicyclist Association

Capital Crescent Trail

The Friends of the Washington & Old Dominion Trial

Potomac Pedalers Touring Club

Livestrong Lance Armstrong Foundations

Lance Armstrong

Greg Lemond (the first American to win the Tour De France)


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