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Yes the Blog Goes On

We’ll we’ve have come to the end of our class on Social Media this summer at Georgetown University.  It’s been a great class.  My classmates and I have learned a great about social media.  I’m really glad I took this class.  I believe as more organizations turn to social media in their communications strategies this course has provided a solid foundation for what Web 2.0 / Social Media is and how to use social media as a part of your communications with stakeholders.

I will miss checking out my classmate’s blogs.  It’s been fun seeing what they’ve been up to between class blog posts and commenting on their blogs.  Myself I’m going to keep blogging and twitting.  I wonder how many of us will continue to blog?  I’ll check in with them from time to time to see what’s up and who’s still blogging.

I am looking forward to the short break between summer and fall semesters though!


July 27, 2008 - Posted by | social media

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