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Brett Farve How Sad

Johnny U, Baltimore ColtJohnny U, Baltimore Colt

Well as a Pro Football fan I can’t not comment on this.  Brett, are you out of your fricking mind?  I remember when the great Johnny Unitas went to Bolts in San Diego for one last chance at glory.  What a disaster.  Johnny U never looked right in anything but Baltimore Colts Blue.  That Chargers uniform looked terrible on him.  As I recall Johnny U didn’t play well that year and retired at the end of the season.

Brett, my fickle friend, the same will happen to you.  You turned your back on the Packers, the fanchise that made you a star, after you officially retired. (see video) The J E T S Jets uniform, although also green, will never look good on you. You’ve been a streaky QB the last couple years; hot or cold.

Johnny U, Charger?????

Johnny U, Charger?????

The Jets are a weak team and the Man-genius is going the way of Billick-the-Brain. Even if you’re hot the Jets outlook is dim at best this season.  If you’re cold it’s a disaster for you personally, the FANS and the franchise.  We’ll get to watch your fall from grace in slow motion instant replay in Hi Def 1080I or P.

Will we be treated to another boo hoo retirement press conference? My gosh the Jets don’t even have cheerleaders do they?  Barbaric in this age of enlightenment.  Well I don’t think the Packers do either so I guess that doesn’t matter.  Just ignore this paragraph.

Brett Farve, Jets?????

Brett Farve, Jets?????

You could have gone out on top.  Nobody doubted your decision to retire on top of the QB heap; one of the best of your generation.  But now you’re staking that all on the Jets? J E T S Jets.

I wish you well unless the Jets are playing my Ravens.  You’ll need all the luck you can get with the Jets.  But we all know how this is going to play out this season. Thanks for the memories good and bad.  Too bad the bad memories are the ones you’ll leave us with this season.

Broadway Joe where are you?  Tell Brett how this story ends.


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