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Even Apple is Not Without Ethical Problems

Here’s the question, is it ethical for a company (in this case Apple) to sell a product to consumers if they are discontinuing the product (in this case Apple TV) shortly in the future?

Apple TV from their Website

Apple TV from their Website

I purchased an Apple TV on September 6th. To be honest I’ve really liked it so far. I saw an article on Digg today that suggested Apple TV was being dropped.

If I had known the product was going to be dropped from Apple’s product line 24 days after purchasing it I wouldn’t have bought it.

So I went to Apple’s support area, to the discussion for the Apple TV. I made a post asking if anybody knew what was going on with Apple TV. My post was immediately (minutes) removed by Apple!!!!! Talk about censorship.

Email from Apple Discussions

Email from Apple Discussions


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Carry-on Luggage

I’ve been doing frequent travel lately and have noticed that almost everybody is trying to carry their luggage onto the plane rather than check it.

I’ve never been a fan of carry-on luggage but now it’s completely out of control.  Travelers can afford the price of an airline ticket, hotel, food and other travel expenses but not $15 to check a bag?  What gives?  Is $15 each way for a total of $30 going to break the bank and cause you not to travel?  I bet the vast majority of these people spend $30 on dinner and drinks in one sitting where ever they are going.

All these carry-on travelers increase the time it takes to load and unload the plane.  There is no consideration for other people, just the “it’s all about me” attitude that seems to be prevalent these days.  I don’t want to pay a fee or I’m too important to check baggage and go to baggage claim.

On my last flights I took this weekend getting on and off the plane was a comedy.  People trying to drag bags down the isle.  Passengers franticly trying shove their giant carry-ons into the overhead compartment.  People taking the overheads above rows other than they were sitting in.  Bags hitting the deck with a bang as people tried to lower them to the floor but couldn’t. Of course there were the people who weren’t strong enough to pick up their over-sized carry-on and put it in the overhead compartment.  Then they look around with their sad little puppy-dog eyes asking for help.  If you can’t lift it, check it.

Some of you might be saying; but you’re no different.  You’re complaining because people carrying their luggage on the plane inconvenienced you.  Well you’d be right but you see, it’s all about me, not them!  Perhaps carry-on luggage should be banned!  lol

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Itunes 8 Visualizer is Lame

Itunes 8 Visualizer; I'm bored.

I’m not digging the new Itunes 8 visualizer. Many other bloggers were gushing gooey prose about how great the new visualizer in Itunes 8 is. Let me be the first to say I don’t like it. It was cool for about 10 seconds then got old real fast.

As a matter of fact it looks like a bunch of tiny colored sperm searching for an egg to impregnate.  Not even AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” helps to make any better.

Itunes 8 gives you the option to use the “Itunes Classic Visualizer” but that’s kind of a throwback that isn’t nearly as fun as the visualizer in my recent Itunes software, 7.X whatever it was, before I upgraded to Itunes 8. Perhaps I should use that “Provide Itunes Feedback” link in the Itunes drop down menu… Do you think Apple really cares?

Bring back the 7.x visualizer please.

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NFL Sticks It to Baltimore Again

Well once again the NFL has screwed the Ravens and the city of Baltimore.  If you haven’t followed the saga of the NFL’s hatred of Baltimore here’s some background.  In March 1984 I was an Officer Candidate at the U.S. Army’s Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA.  As a candidate contact and news of the outside world was limited to short updates from fellow candidates before certain classes.

So while sitting in Building Four, commonly called Building Snore by anybody who ever is or has been unfortunate enough to work or attend classes there, I heard the “sports update” from a fellow candidate that the Colts had moved to Indianapolis.  WTF was about all I could think as the next droning class began another day in the Army.

Of course throughout the rest of 80’s and 90’s NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue as well as the Redskins owner Jack Cooke (much like Orioles owner Peter Angelos worked for years to keep a baseball team out of D.C.) actively worked to ensure Baltimore did not get another franchise when the NFL announced expansion plans.  Tagliabue even stated that Baltimore should build a museum and not a football stadium or words to that effect.

Of course the NFL kept changing the competition rules until Tagliabue awarded franchises to Jacksonville and Carolina instead of Baltimore.  Then when Art Model moved his Brown’s franchise to Baltimore the NFL had a new team in Cleveland within three years.  (Cleveland fans are just as deserving of a NFL franchise as Baltimore or any other NFL rabid city.)  But that little ditty still makes you wonder about the NFL’s leadership’s views towards Baltimore.

Fast forward to this week and the Texans vs Ravens game is cancelled by the NFL due to hurricane Ike and rescheduled for our bye-weekend.  With all the other options available the NFL decided to stick it the Ravens.  The game could have been played in Baltimore.  Clearly the Texans would cry like stuck pigs but that was an option.  That wold have been like the generosity that was afforded the NY football Giants recently in adding a home game to their schedule.

Other options could have been to play the game in any reasonable-sized college or other pro-football stadium in the Houston area and let the Texans have the gate revenue.  That would have satisfied the Texans need for a home game as that’s all they really are worried about when they talk about a home game.  It might have even given the Texans a chance to win over some new local fans by having a home game someplace else.  Also a swap of games with the Oakland Raiders was an option because both teams played the Raiders and it could have been worked out that it wouldn’t have affected the number of home or travel games for either the Texans, Raiders or Ravens.  But no, none of these options was good enough for Goodell.

So now Ravens get to play a 5 out of 6 road games without a bye week on Nov 9th during a time of the season most teams are thankful for a bye.  Thanks for nothing Commissioner Goodell.  Without even researching I bet no other team in NFL history has ever had to play 5 out 6 games on the road.

Well, at least we all know Tagliabue must have been hot enough to fuck when the Ravens won the Superbowl XXXV in 2000. lol

Yes I know some you will say but hurricane Ike happened; nobody could have anticipated that!  Nobody except the rest of planet who watched the hurricane move ever slowly towards Texas on television news and NOAA’s website.  And you know what, I’ve got disaster and especially hurricane overload.  I don’t care anymore.  Don’t live in a flood plain and expect my tax dollars to rebuild your home or city so it can be flooded again and again.  Instead of buying a 60 inch flat screen TV try buying flood insurance if you live in a flood plain.  There I said it.  The truth is out there.  Two rules to live by; don’t live in a flood plain and if you are stupid enough to live in a flood plain buy flood insurance.

Oh and speaking of getting screwed how does Georgetown’s football team start the season with 3 road games?  I mean really, that’s bogus.

And congrats to the Terps for their big win over California this weekend!

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Wacco for Flacco

Well as the signs said all of Baltimore and Ravens fans around the country will be if they aren’t already “Wacco for Flacco.” The rookie QB had an admirable first game as the Raven’s starting QB.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Doug Kapustin / September 7, 2008)

(Baltimore Sun photo by Doug Kapustin / September 7, 2008)

Flacco was poised and confident. He didn’t panic in the face of the rush and he didn’t turn the ball over. He put nice touch on several passes. Unfortunately some passes were dropped that would really have added to his stats for this game. He gutted out a 38-yard touchdown run. He lowered his head and put his shoulder into the last defender close to goal line to finish the run for a touchdown.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr. / September 7, 2008)

(Baltimore Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr. / September 7, 2008)

But credit must also be given to Ravens offensive line, running backs and defense. The offensive line kept Flacco on his feet and gave him time to make passes. Rookie running backs Rice and McClain were superb on many plays dragged the pile with them for significant yardage on 3rd downs.

And as always the defense lead by Ray Lewis made the plays when they had to including 4th and 1 and when the Ben-gals got inside the Ravens red zone. Ocho-cinco and friends were kept in check the entire game.

At several points the crowd picked up the chant “Let’s go Flacco” boom-boom boom-boom-boom “Lets go Flacco.” I’ve been a Ravens season ticket holder for I guess about 10 years now.  Never in that time has the crowd chanted for an offensive player before except for the occasional “Heap” when TE Todd Head catches a pass.  It sure would be ice if the Ravens keep giving a reason to cheer on the offensive for a change.

Granted the Ben-gals aren’t a powerhouse team and its offense has lost it’s magic the last few years. But it’s great to open the season with a win against a division opponent.

At the end of the day it’s rookie QB Joe Flacco who is the toast of the town tonight.

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How’s graduate School?

A friend asked me what it’s like going to graduate school at my age.  Lol  Well its great.  I recommend it to everyone.

Healy Hall, Georgetown University

Healy Hall, Georgetown University

I received my first graduate degree, an MBA, in my early forties.  I wish I had done that sooner.  But to be honest I was just going to grad school to get a degree and check the box; get ahead or keep up with my peers.   Even given my professional motivation at the time, I actually learned a great deal in my MBA program.  I ended up enjoying it so much that I actually considered getting a Ph.D. but soon realized I’d never see the return on investment.

So now in mid-40’s I find myself at Georgetown University pursuing another graduate degree, this one in public relations.  And I must say life is great at Georgetown.  Again I find myself learning new things, re-discovering some things I’d forgotten but personally and professionally growing in all aspects.

Now being a grad student is a completely different experience than being an undergraduate.  But I must say Georgetown makes you feel like you’re welcomed part of the university as a graduate student.  Go Hoyas!!!!  (please let the football team win a couple games this season)

My fellow students are great and range in age from the mid-20s to 60’s.  So at least I’m not the oldest grad student in my program.  Many are communications professionals looking to make that next step or mid-careerists looking to get into public relations.  Our faculty is first rate.  Their expertise and willingness to share with my fellow students and I is unending.

You probably heard a saying to the effect “you never stop learning.”  Well that’s true.  I think when you stop learning you’ve stopped growing personally and professionally.

Based on my experience I think if you earned a bachelors degree or masters more than 10-15 years ago you are really educationally behind.  So much has happened, so much has changed.

So how’s graduate school?  Its great!  I hope you decide to go back to school.  I encourage you to go back to school. You’ll find its worthwhile experience at any time in your life.

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Heartbeat or a heartbeat away

Do you buy into the “experience” factor for the 2008 presidential race?  Personally I think Obama and Palin are inexperienced politicians.  Our constitution doesn’t say anything about experience being a requirement; too bad.

However would you rather have the inexpereienced person as our president or vice-president?  Heartbeat vs heartbeat away.

I’d rather see an inexperienced vice president and experienced president rather than an inexperienced president and experienced vice president.

Based on the spin coming out of the left wing pinko commo democratic party and its allies and their puppet web sites I’m beginning to think they are a bit worried about Palin.

As much as I loath the Clintons (Vince Foster, White House Travel Office, White Water, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, stealing silverware on the way out, I could go on but what’s the point of highlighting more of the crimes of this modern day Bonnie and Clyde) it would have been fun if McCain had offered the VP job to Billary and she accepted.  That would really have sent the liberal media into a tailspin.

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