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Wacco for Flacco

Well as the signs said all of Baltimore and Ravens fans around the country will be if they aren’t already “Wacco for Flacco.” The rookie QB had an admirable first game as the Raven’s starting QB.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Doug Kapustin / September 7, 2008)

(Baltimore Sun photo by Doug Kapustin / September 7, 2008)

Flacco was poised and confident. He didn’t panic in the face of the rush and he didn’t turn the ball over. He put nice touch on several passes. Unfortunately some passes were dropped that would really have added to his stats for this game. He gutted out a 38-yard touchdown run. He lowered his head and put his shoulder into the last defender close to goal line to finish the run for a touchdown.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr. / September 7, 2008)

(Baltimore Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr. / September 7, 2008)

But credit must also be given to Ravens offensive line, running backs and defense. The offensive line kept Flacco on his feet and gave him time to make passes. Rookie running backs Rice and McClain were superb on many plays dragged the pile with them for significant yardage on 3rd downs.

And as always the defense lead by Ray Lewis made the plays when they had to including 4th and 1 and when the Ben-gals got inside the Ravens red zone. Ocho-cinco and friends were kept in check the entire game.

At several points the crowd picked up the chant “Let’s go Flacco” boom-boom boom-boom-boom “Lets go Flacco.” I’ve been a Ravens season ticket holder for I guess about 10 years now.  Never in that time has the crowd chanted for an offensive player before except for the occasional “Heap” when TE Todd Head catches a pass.  It sure would be ice if the Ravens keep giving a reason to cheer on the offensive for a change.

Granted the Ben-gals aren’t a powerhouse team and its offense has lost it’s magic the last few years. But it’s great to open the season with a win against a division opponent.

At the end of the day it’s rookie QB Joe Flacco who is the toast of the town tonight.


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