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NFL Sticks It to Baltimore Again

Well once again the NFL has screwed the Ravens and the city of Baltimore.  If you haven’t followed the saga of the NFL’s hatred of Baltimore here’s some background.  In March 1984 I was an Officer Candidate at the U.S. Army’s Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA.  As a candidate contact and news of the outside world was limited to short updates from fellow candidates before certain classes.

So while sitting in Building Four, commonly called Building Snore by anybody who ever is or has been unfortunate enough to work or attend classes there, I heard the “sports update” from a fellow candidate that the Colts had moved to Indianapolis.  WTF was about all I could think as the next droning class began another day in the Army.

Of course throughout the rest of 80’s and 90’s NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue as well as the Redskins owner Jack Cooke (much like Orioles owner Peter Angelos worked for years to keep a baseball team out of D.C.) actively worked to ensure Baltimore did not get another franchise when the NFL announced expansion plans.  Tagliabue even stated that Baltimore should build a museum and not a football stadium or words to that effect.

Of course the NFL kept changing the competition rules until Tagliabue awarded franchises to Jacksonville and Carolina instead of Baltimore.  Then when Art Model moved his Brown’s franchise to Baltimore the NFL had a new team in Cleveland within three years.  (Cleveland fans are just as deserving of a NFL franchise as Baltimore or any other NFL rabid city.)  But that little ditty still makes you wonder about the NFL’s leadership’s views towards Baltimore.

Fast forward to this week and the Texans vs Ravens game is cancelled by the NFL due to hurricane Ike and rescheduled for our bye-weekend.  With all the other options available the NFL decided to stick it the Ravens.  The game could have been played in Baltimore.  Clearly the Texans would cry like stuck pigs but that was an option.  That wold have been like the generosity that was afforded the NY football Giants recently in adding a home game to their schedule.

Other options could have been to play the game in any reasonable-sized college or other pro-football stadium in the Houston area and let the Texans have the gate revenue.  That would have satisfied the Texans need for a home game as that’s all they really are worried about when they talk about a home game.  It might have even given the Texans a chance to win over some new local fans by having a home game someplace else.  Also a swap of games with the Oakland Raiders was an option because both teams played the Raiders and it could have been worked out that it wouldn’t have affected the number of home or travel games for either the Texans, Raiders or Ravens.  But no, none of these options was good enough for Goodell.

So now Ravens get to play a 5 out of 6 road games without a bye week on Nov 9th during a time of the season most teams are thankful for a bye.  Thanks for nothing Commissioner Goodell.  Without even researching I bet no other team in NFL history has ever had to play 5 out 6 games on the road.

Well, at least we all know Tagliabue must have been hot enough to fuck when the Ravens won the Superbowl XXXV in 2000. lol

Yes I know some you will say but hurricane Ike happened; nobody could have anticipated that!  Nobody except the rest of planet who watched the hurricane move ever slowly towards Texas on television news and NOAA’s website.  And you know what, I’ve got disaster and especially hurricane overload.  I don’t care anymore.  Don’t live in a flood plain and expect my tax dollars to rebuild your home or city so it can be flooded again and again.  Instead of buying a 60 inch flat screen TV try buying flood insurance if you live in a flood plain.  There I said it.  The truth is out there.  Two rules to live by; don’t live in a flood plain and if you are stupid enough to live in a flood plain buy flood insurance.

Oh and speaking of getting screwed how does Georgetown’s football team start the season with 3 road games?  I mean really, that’s bogus.

And congrats to the Terps for their big win over California this weekend!


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