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Highway Robbery part 2

This post is a follow up to an earlier post titled “Highway Robbery.” One commenter stated that in Montgomery County signs are posted ahead of speed cameras that are part of the “Safe Speed” program. So I investigated and discovered this is true.

Speed Camera Sign on Quince Orchard Blvd in Gaithersburg

Speed Camera Sign on Quince Orchard Blvd in Gaithersburg

I went to a speed camera zone in Gaithersburg close to where I live on Quince Orchard Blvd. There were posted signs, perhaps a bit to close to the cameras. But if you’re paying attention you should be able to lower your speed prior to the camera. Of course I was only looking at the physical location of the camera and had no idea of where the targeted zone was in relation to the camera or the warning sign. Also I don’t know, but will assume, that the mobile speed camera’s that are being deployed also have warning signs. (Can anybody verify this?)

So if you run through a clearly posted speed camera zone and get a speeding ticket I don’t see what you have to complain about.

I don’t however believe that Montgomery County’s and Gaithersburg’s “Safe Speed” program has anything to do with lowering speed. With 178,000 people receiving tickets at $40 each since our local governments started using these devices against us nine months ago this program is all about a new revenue stream for local government nothing more.

Speed camera mounted on a pole.

Speed camera mounted on a pole. Note you can see the speed camera sign behind the SUV on a pole.

This program still stinks. I believe there are real problems contracting law enforcement activities to include traffic enforcement to corporations whose monetary compensation increases with each ticket issued. If you see a speed camera sign and don’t slow down I guess that’s your problem.

Of course our local government’s contractors are placing these devices in areas with a high probability of finding speeders such as the 25 mph zone shown above.  Like another commenter said this is a “good old fashioned” speed trap.  Speed trap yes, but old fashioned I’m not so sure about.

Note, these two pictures are not of the same signs and camera device.

The top picture is the east end of Quince Orchard Blvd looking west.  The bottom picture is looking west on QOB but on the west end.


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Georgetown University at Clarendon Stinks

This is a follow up to a previous posting entitled “How’s graduate school?” We’ll the answer is not so great anymore. Georgetown University in its ultimate wisdom has transferred my entire program to the new Georgetown University at Clarendon. This blows.

I didn’t enroll in Georgetown University at Clarendon. If I had wanted that I would have enrolled in George Washington University or Strayer University. Because the university has done a good job enrolling graduate students into the program they decided that we needed more space so they shipped us out.

Amazingly with all the “communications professors” on the staff of this program they forgot to tell any of the program’s stakeholders, the graduate students, that they were making this decision. Of course we did receive an email stating this decision had been made after the fact but we the students were not included in the decision making process in the least. Not even a heads up warning that there might be some program changes coming the future. Not one word from the program administrators. Gee I wonder who is getting which office and parking space? Unfortunately I’m to far along in the program to switch to another program so I’m stuck attending Georgetown University at Clarendon.

Being on and around campus at Georgetown University is what made this program special. Sure we’ll be in a slick corporate office building with marble floors and wood paneled walls and our diploma’s will even say Georgetown University. The problem is we don’t go to Georgetown University anymore. They say we’ll even have the “full weight of Georgetown University” behind us. What does that mean, we can access the website?

The truth is this is now just another cash cow graduate school program diploma mill at some off-site location not remotely associated with the university whose name it bears. I’m sure there will be a gold Georgetown University seal on the door and our bills of course, but that’s our only association with the university now. At this point just give me my B for paying some $2,250 per class and graduate and be done with it.

Perhaps on-line Georgetown University degrees are next. Talk about cash cows. No need to worry about space for administrators or students and no need to rent that office building in Clarendon.

Georgetown University at Clarendon; this stinks big time.

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My new glasses

My new glasses

Well I received my first pair of glasses today.  It appears that I have simple myopia / Low myopia / Late adult onset.  What does this mean?  Essentially I’m near sighted (things far away look blurry), it’s not bad <3.00D, and occurred after I was 40 years old.  In myopia the eye focuses in front of the retina.

Of course there are some good and bad things.  First I can see again!   I can’t wait for the Ravens vs Titans game tomorrow; the players won’t be blurry.  My HD TV even looks better with glasses on.  And according to the Myopia entry on Wikipedia people with myopia are likely to be smarter than those without.  “A number of studies have shown that the prevalence of myopia increases with level of education[41][38] and many studies have shown a relationship between myopia and IQ.”  Sure glad I’m not one of those dummies with hyperopia when the eye’s focus point is behind the retina.

Glasses are expensive!!!  Somebody please explain to me why my Ralph Lauren frames cost twice has much as the lenses?   This is completely out of control.  There is absolutely no way that frame manufacturers are investing more expense into designing, manufacturing and selling frames than what goes into the actual lenses.  I do not believe that.


Compensating for myopia using a corrective lens.

Yes I know I bought expensive designer frames.  But all the frames in the store were within $10-$20 of each other.  Unless you went for like the $100 frames then you really could see the difference between the expensive frames and the cheaper ones.  In any event this frame vs lenses pricing system is completely backwards.  There is no way that frames should be more expensive than lenses.

Also on the bad side I’ve never worn glasses before in my life.  This is going to be a major lifestyle change.  I asked about laser surgery and my doctor said I was a candidate for it but if they fixed my myopia with surgery I’d be wearing glasses to read and see things close up.  Either way it looks like I’m stuck with glasses so why risk the surgery if you can’t get ride of the glasses altogether?  Well I’m glad I can see again.  Highway signs haven’t looked this good in a long time.

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