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NFL Fans Never Sell Your Tickets If Your Team is Playing the Shittsburgh Squealers

I watched the Washington Deadskins game against the Shittsburgh Squealers and felt bad for the Deadskirts fans last night. A very unusual situation because the Deadskins deserve every bad thing that happens to them but not all those piss yellow jerseys in the stands last night.  As usual a stadium, in this case FedEx Field in D.C., which is relatively close to Shittsburgh was over run with a large amount of Squealers fans.

As a Ravens fan I run into this problem regularly.  Squealers fans are dedicated I’ll give them that and they travel to see their team.  As a matter of fact I think that’s great.  However for the home team it is disappointing to see large amounts of Squealers fans cheer the visiting team in your house.

slide1This problem could be fixed easily.  If you’re playing the Shittsburgh Squealers at home don’t sell your tickets. NOT TO ANYBODY FOR ANY REASON. Even if you can’t go it is better to eat the ticket price than have Squealers fans in your seats.  That’s the only way to ensure that your stadium isn’t looking piss yellow on game day.

Now your Shittsburgh Squealer fan comes in two varieties.  The good kind is the die hard unemployed Shittsburghin who luckily scores some tickets to a local game and goes to cheer their team on.

The other and by far the worst is the transplant traitor.  This is a Squealers fan who left Shittsburgh for a number of reasons but usually because the city is historically economically depressed and the person can’t get a job.  This person assimilates into his new community usually living until retirement even cheering for the home team.  But when the Squealers come to play they break out their piss yellow jersey and go the game cheering for the Squealers.  If you talk to one of these “Manchurian” fans they’ll aways give you some line like this; “I grew up in Shittsburgh as a kid, bla bla bla.”  Come on get over it you moved away 20 years ago.

So what is the point: NFL fans and ticket holders if you’re playing the Shittsburgh Squealers at home don’t sell your tickets. NOT TO ANYBODY FOR ANY REASON.

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  1. Could not agree more. I am a local Skins fan and was at the game and was sick of seeing the towels everywhere. Congrats on the over-education. Maybe you could help us on our social media experience as we recently created our blog to help promote my new business venture!

    Added you to my blog roll, stop by when you have a chance.

    Comment by Nik Scalise | November 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. Nik: I couldn’t believe all the Squealers fans at the game because the skins have hard core fans. Selling skins tickets to the enemy for a Monday Night Football game against another division leader when the skins have a good chance at going to the playoffs is a crime.

    I expect that many of those Squealers fans were the “Manchurian” kind of fans.

    Thanks for the post and I like your site; good luck with the venture. Consider micro-blogging to compliment your blog and venture!

    Comment by mknac | November 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. I hope this doesn’t happen with Dallas, Phili or Giants!!

    Thanks for the insight, what is micro-blogging?

    Comment by Nik Scalise | November 7, 2008 | Reply

  4. Does anybody know of a ticket service that allows PSL holders to sell to home team fans only? There are times when I have extra tickets, but don’t want them to wind up in the hands of the enemy.

    Comment by PoeKnows | January 13, 2009 | Reply

  5. Why would it be better to eat the cost of the tickets?

    What do you gain by not seeing two yellow jerseys in your seats?

    Will you get a trophy? Can you point to the TV and tell anyone who will listen that it would be a sea of piss yellow were it not for your taking a stand?

    If you cannot go and cannot afford to give your tickets away to a buddy who can go, the logical solution is to SELL the tickets.

    With the costs of PSL’s and ticket prices, only a moron would eat hundreds of dollars for the “honor” of not having a fan of the visiting team in his or her seats.

    Comment by Kim Willay-Jenkins | August 19, 2013 | Reply

    • Wow, how did you come across this old post for a blog I don’t use anymore. I guess I should close this blog, but come on this is a good post! lol

      Lol you must be a squealers fan. I gain not have piss yellow squealers jerseys in my seats that is the benefit. Who says I can’t afford to “eat” the ticket cost? My tickets; I can do with them as I please. Actually I’ve never had to “eat” the cost of my tickets. I give them to friends or sell them if I can’t go. The only team I’ll go out of my way to ensure that my tickets don’t go to opposing team’s fans are of course the squealers. And actually yes, I would “eat” the cost of the tickets rather than let squealers fans have them. Of course their money is green too. Maybe if they were willing to pay 500% more like some Pats fans did a couple years ago I’d consider it. lol

      Comment by mknac | August 19, 2013 | Reply

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