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Inward Journey

With the approach of winter I’ve put my road bike away and haven’t been looking forward to going back to the gym on the elliptical machine.  I decided that I would mix up my routine and try something different; so I am now taking Yoga.  The gym won’t go away but some gym time is being replaced with yoga.

After a bit of searching, visiting yoga studios and talking to people I’ve settled on Thrive Yoga in Rockville.  The owners, instructors and atmosphere at Thrive is wonderful.  It’s a great place to be exposed to yoga or if you’re more advanced to move to higher levels.

I’m specifically taking a fundamental yoga class at the moment.  The fundamental class is based on Hatha Yoga.  Hopefully I can get to the point where I feel comfortable taking the Vinyasa Flow yoga classes.  That seems to be the more popular classes once you’ve got the basics down.

Much of what I’ve read about yoga talks about the inward journey you have embarked upon.  I can’t say I’ve figured this mystic part of yoga out yet.  But I can tell you this.  I never really thought much effort was needed to practice yoga.  I was wrong about that.  I’m finding that yoga is physically hard and mentally demanding.  Much more so than I had ever thought it was.  If it wasn’t for those blocks I think I might snap in half!!!!

After my weekly yoga class I feel great for a 2-3 days afterwards.  All of my little bodily aches a pains are gone or diminished. I’m sure there is a connection here. Thanks to Susan and Claudia for getting me moving in the right direction! (I was going to say straight, but that didn’t seem like the right word)  lol

If you haven’t tried yoga before give it a try.  One great thing about yoga is that it is all about you.  It doesn’t matter what the people around you are doing only that you are improving with each class.


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