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Boycott the NFL

I’m boycotting the NFL for the rest of the season and I encourage you to also.  Consider this a “call to action” for the masses of NFL fans to boycott the NFL.

I’m boycotting the NFL because the referees are deciding the outcomes of games to cover their Vegas bets or for whatever personal reasons they have.

I just returned from the Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals games where for the second week in a row the referees handed the game to our opponent by sustaining drives with defensive pass interference or roughing the passer penalties.

In the Ravens vs. Bengals case three pass interference calls with less than two minutes to go to hand the game to Bengals and cover or beat the odds in Vegas.

Although a big NFL fan and heavily invested in the Ravens with season tickets since 1999 I’m done other than Ravens home games.

Hey Roger there are plenty of entertainment options out there besides the NFL for me to choose from.

Since I’ve paid for season tickets I will continue to go to home games. However I will not watch any games on TV the rest of this season.  Not on Sundays, not Sunday Night, not Monday Night, not Thursday night nor on Thanksgiving NFL football.  I also won’t be watching any more NFL TV or listening on Sirius NFL network.

Guess I’m kind of old school in that I think a fumble is a fumble and I don’t need instant replay to see if a knee is on the ground and that the play of the players should determine the game not the referee bias.


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