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Senioritis II

The senioritis is really bad now.  I have one big paper left in one class.  A group project with a couple minor loose ends and group presentation left.  That and 3 more weeks.  Can I motivate myself to write this paper?  I’m sure I well but the energy level is mighty low at the moment.


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  1. Mike,
    Write the d%$n paper and be over it! This is your Leadership training buddy–remember “procrastination is one of the SES elements”…wait it is the opposite..but I think I know what you picked up on…remember our norms;-) respecting each other and getting assignments in on time. As to your question–which I just found on an old website of my ex-marriage etcetera etcetera…I am still in the FWS…in a different job, still a GS-13, but much more flexbility with my family as a single parent. Good luck on your paper and graduation! I will be in D.C. in Feb..maybe we should get together and talk SES. Julie

    Comment by Julie Concannon | December 8, 2009 | Reply

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