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The Decline of Traditional Big News Media

Here are my top ten reasons for finding alternative news sources rather using the traditional print, radio and television news media.

1 – Stories are always biased.

2 – Stories are always biased but they believe their story is balanced.

3 – Today’s traditional news media doesn’t do their research, before, during or after the story. (Maybe some old school journalists did this once upon a time. Pick up any newspaper or watch any broadcast news show today and you’ll see this isn’t the case.)

4 – Consequentially the media gets it wrong frequently.

5 – The media has a herd mentality. The media isn’t smart enough to develop their own stories so they all write the same story over and over.

6 – The media believes all the other media stories are accurate and true.

7 – Consequentially when the media uses another’s story as facts for their story they get it wrong again and perpetuate the mistakes.

8 – The news media can’t get a quote correct even if they record it or you email it to them.

9 – On the rare times the news media actually gets a quote correct the news media usually manipulates the quote by using a partial quote or the quote out of context to support their bias.

10 –The news media thinks their shit doesn’t stink.

I could go on but I’ll stop at 10. Why anybody believes anything they read, see or hear from the news media is beyond me. Engage your critical thinking skills whenever you read, listen or watch something from the news media.


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