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Driving in Cali

I recently spent a week in Cali and actually thought that Cali/LA drivers were much better than DC drivers.  If you live in DC you know the drivers here are the worst.  Then if it rains or snows forget it.  You’ll have white knuckle drivers going 5 mph because there is some snow on the road.

Anyhow about the only decent thing about Europe are their driving laws.  I’m speaking specifically about Germany and Italy where I’ve driven significantly.  What really burns me in DC and most of the east coast is drivers who block the fast lane going 55 mph.  Soon 10 to 20 cars pile up behind these fools.  Eventually you have to weave between lanes to get around them.

Of course their argument is something like “the speed limit is 55, you’re not allowed to go higher than 55 even when passing, it’s my right to be in the fast lane” blaa blaa etc.  These people are so myopic that they don’t see how they are disrupting the traffic flow and that they could go 55 in one of lanes right of the passing lane without affecting the traffic flow.  Try doing that in Europe and you’ll be involved in an rear-end collision quickly.  In Europe you pass and immediately get out of the passing lane because somebody going faster than you is coming soon.

If U.S. drivers were smart enough to adapt this policy I believe traffic would flow much better in most places.
So here’s to the majority of the 405 and 5 drivers I encountered in Cali who passed and moved to the right allowing faster moving cars to pass them.  Most Cali drivers will disagree I’m sure, but compared to DC drivers at least in Cali drivers have a clue.


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