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Exposed – does podcast viewing say anything about you?

Hmm well we’ve got to write about the podcasts I listen to / watch. Perhaps I should lie? Since social media and blogs are about being real I’ll tell the truth. I’ve actually been all over podcasts for some time. I only really watch two podcasts regularly. I tried many such as Rocketboom etc when there was some buzz still attached to it but found its pinko commie leftist BS to be a bit much. Bottom line here is I feel so bombarded by news that by the end of the day I’m not really looking for more news when I get home. Or maybe better said I’m only looking for news I’m interested in. Also with podcasts and particularly audio only podcasts if I don’t get hooked within the first 5-10 seconds I don’t have the tolerance to listen for 5 minutes to find out what its about. With a blog you can quickly determine if you want to keep reading. My podcast viewing is really limited to entertainment.

Tiki Bar TV

My favorite is Tiki Bar TV. This comedy podcast is great and is produced monthly. The acting, camera angles and scripts are first class. I must warn potential viewers that like all things comedy some episodes are better than others. When they are on you’ll have tears coming out of your eyes because you’re laughing so hard. Other times you could say their humor goes over your head. It focuses on three people in a tiki bar in an apartment. Some problem always arises and the resident doctor prescribes a custom cocktail. Everyone drinks the cocktail and the problem is solved — just like in real life.

Hot for Words

My other guilty pleasure is Hot for Words staring Marina. This podcast produces a new episode a couple times a week. It’s one of the most downloaded podcasts on You Tube, so I read. For those who don’t know, Marina is philologist; someone who studies linguistics and etymology. In each show Marina discusses the history and meaning of a word submitted by her viewers. On the surface that sounds pretty boring. However Marina is a pretty blond from Russia. Using her good looks, accent, personality and humor she’s hit a market for sure based on the number of downloads. As we discussed in class most of the popular podcasts seem to have a pretty lady associated with them.

I do catch some other random podcasts and those associated with the sports teams I follow. There are so many webpages, blogs and podcasts to view and limited time. What to do and why would anybody turn to a ninja for non-ninja advice?


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